CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

Electric-hydraulic synchronised design, with DELEM controller, BOSCH valves, servo motor drive

CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Machine 63T

JINQIU made CNC hydraulic press brake machine 63T-2500 is consist of welded machine body, working table, ram, hydraulic system and electric control system. The welded main frame will be through viberation method to remove welding stress. This type CNC sheet bending machine is latest design of European, with 3+1 axis CNC control. Y1, Y2 are two side hydraulic cylinders, X axis is back gauge, V axis is automatic working table crowing to compensate deflection of workpiece. The controller is world famous Netherland DELEM DA52S, max can control up to 4+1 axis.

CNC Sheet Metal Press Brake machine 80T

Sheet Metal Press Brake WE67K-80T is very common capacity sheet metal bending machine for thin plate fabrication, like elevator factory, metal door production factory, or other general machine cover making. Standard machine is with developed CNC control system, world reputation hydraulic system, servo motor and ball-screw driven back gauge. the CNC press brake has characters of high working speed, high accuracy, lower noise, operation people and machine self protection. The big advantage of this type sheet bender is that we can install different tooling on different section, unbalance bending is perfect.

Hydraulic Plate Bending Machine 100T

There are two standard size 100T CNC Hydraulic Plate Bending Machine machine, 3.2 and 4m. The machine is most popular size in china sheet metal fabrication shop and workshop. The length can cover most workpiece. Perfect unbalance bending with different sectional press brake tooling will make sheet metal fabrication more effecient. JINQIU made CNC synchronised press brake is with standard 3+1 axis control, Y1, Y2, X and V (automatic crowning). The machine is high speed, high accuracy sheet metal bender.

CNC Press Brake Machine 100T Plate Bender

The design of 100T CNC Press Brake Machine is with our self design. The complete profile is more smooth and color is nice. The hydraulic bending machine's performance is same like it's appearance, with high speed, high bending accuracy, people and machine self protection. The machine adopted narrow working table design, with quick exchage bottom die and top press brake punch. The bottom bending die can be two V or single-V die, quick change type. The top punch can be gooseneck or any customer required press brake up tool.

CNC Plate Bending Brake 125T

125T hydraulic CNC Plate Bending Brake has two size also, 3.2m and 4m long. The capacity is alsoo very common in china and world. The bender is mostly for up to 4 or 5mm sheet metal fabrication. The machine is designed with Finite element design. The welded body, working table, ram has good rigidity, can ensure long time working. world-famous hydraulic components, CNC control system will make sheet metal bending performance more nice. The machine also has many options. DA56S, DA66T, DA58S, ESA controllers can be applied. Back gauge can be with 2 axes, 4 axes, up to 6 axes.

CNC Sheet Metal Bending Machine 160T

Modern design of 160T CNC sheet metal hydraulic bending machine adopts hydraulic sheet metal front following support system, laser people protection, 8 axes CNC control. The bending machine is very efficient equipment for sheet metal bending. For wider workpiece, operater may meet difficulty to handle the workpiece. hydraulic folling system will assist operater lift wider plate during bending, to make sure workpiece bending accuracy and people's safety. The machine will be the solution for bigger size (length x width) metal sheet bending job.

CNC Hydraulic Plate Bender 160T

WE67K-160T CNC Hydraulic Plate Bender is suitable for up to 6mm thick bending. For customers who may have bigger thickness sheet metal bending requirements, 160T can be better selection. The hydraulic bender can both cover thin plate bending accuracy, fast opertion speed and also can bend thicker sheet metal for structure. The machine design is electric-hydraulic synchronise design. We can use different press brake tooling on different section along the working table and ram. This method will save many tooling exchange time, increase productivity.

Hydraulic CNC Brake Press Machine 200T

hydraulic CNC Brake Press Machine 200T is designed for middle size workpiece. The bending thickness can be up to 8~10mm. The workpiece can be for structure steel for customer's product. The machine body is welded structure, has good rigidity, CNC controlled bending angle, bending width. For bigger thickness steel sheet bending, It is very common capacity. World reputation hydraulic system, CNC control system will make machine with higher working speed, good bending accuracy. The machine also has many options for multi-axis back gauge (X1, X2, Z1, Z2, R1, R2), people safety protection (protection fence, laser safety curtain).

CNC Bending Press Machine WE67K 250

For structure steel, harder Wear - resistant steel, We suggest 250T capacity The CNC Bending Press Machine. It can bend up to 10mm mild steel, or 8mm structure steel or up to 6mm Hardox plate. The hydraulic bending machine is equiped with DELEM CNC controller, Bosch hydraulic system, working table automatic crowning system, servo motor-ball screw drive back gauge. Machine body, working table and ram are with high quality steel plate, shot blasting treated, viberation stress eliminated. Our design and machine produce process will warranty long working life of the hydraulic press brake.

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