Hydraulic Guillotine Shear

Hydraulic Guillotine Shear

Hydraulic Plate Shear QC11Y-6 Guillotine Sheet Cutter

Hydraulic Plate Shear include swing beam type and guillotine shearing macine. Both machine design are with long time design and developed. The advantage of guillotine shear is cutting angle is adjustable from 0.5~2 or 3 degree. For thin plate we can use small cutting angle to avoid narrow plate twist. for big thickness or harder palte, we can increase cutting angle to decrease cutting force and finish cutting. high chrome shear blades shall be used for stainless plate cutting. shear blades material can be 42CrMoV or H13.

Hydraulic Plate Shearing Machine 8mm Sheet Guillotine

Max cutting thickness is up to 8mm guillotine type Hydraulic Plate Shearing Machine. Cutting angle is adjustable from 0.5~2 degree, with 6CrW2si cutting blades for standard machine. We also can use high chrome blades for stainless or hardox plate cutting. machine body is high grade steel plate welded structure,viberation stress released, one setup CNC machining. machine design and procesing will make machine long working life and lower deforming. big oil tank will make cutting stable even under worse working condition. NC or CNC controller is optional avialable.

Guillotine Plate Shearing Machine 12mm Cutter

Max 12mm mild steel cutting or 8mm Stainless steel hydraulic Guillotine Plate Shearing Machine is widely used for structure frame fabrication shop. The cutting beam angle is adjustable from 0.5~2 degree. Guillotine type shearing machine can reduce narrow plate twist effectively. we also have max up to 6m machine, NC or CNC control is avialable. back gauge stroke can be 800mm as standard or bigger as customer requirement. 20'GP container is suitable for one unit machine shipment. Customer required, OEM product can be also applied.

Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine 16mm for sheet metal

Cutting length can be 3.2m, 4m, max up to 8m. Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine cutting angle is adjustable from 0.5~3 degree normally. Series connected hydraulic cylinder will supply power cutting force. High chrome shear blades can be used for stainless plate, hardox, weldox plate cutting. both up down blades have 4 side cutting edges. The machine body is welded structure, viberation stress released, one setup CNC machined. Special big throat depth is also avialable as customer requirements. front and rear protection fence can give human safety guarantee, reduce risk in sheet metal cutting.

Hydraulic Guillotine Shears 20mm for sale

Cutting up to 20mm mild steel plate will need Hydraulic Guillotine Shears. Adjustable cutting angle will give user convenient for various plate thickness. Small cutting angle can reduce edge twist, big cutting angle can reduce cutting force and machine deforming during cutting. the shearing machine is with high grade steel plate, welded structure, viberation stress released, one setup CNC machined. CNC or NC controller is optional. with high chrome shear blades, we can cut stainless plate, hardox, weldox rear-resistance plate.

Hydraulic Plate Shear 25mm Guillotine type

We have 2.5m, 3.2m, up to 6m cutting length Hydraulic Plate Shear for thickness up to 25mm. The machine is guillotine type, cutting angle is adjustable from 0.5~3 degree. Series connected hydraulic cylinders will give powerful cutting force. Hydraulic-electric system have self internal protection. We can use high chrome blades for Hardox, weldox, stainless plate cutting. The machine is equiped CNC or NC controller, which will make operator easy to control the machine. big oil tank will make machine work under hot or long time work condition. We already exported machines to Chile, Iran, Qatar for 25 x 6m big machine.

Big Thickness Hydraulic Guillotine Cutter 30mm for Sheet metal

30mm Big Thickness Hydraulic Guillotine Cutter is really heavy and huge machine. We exported max 30x6m shearing machine before. Customer is happy with it. Machine cutting angle is adjustable from 0.5 to 3.5 degree, Hydraulic return after cutting. CNC control back gauge and blades gap, will make operation easier. front side is with protection fence to reduce risk during working. european hydraulic system will make machine working more stable. High chrome blades is optional for hard plate or stainless plate cutting. if need bigger throat depth, we will have design to caculate according to customer requirements.

CNC Guillotine Shear Machine 6×3200 with Front Feeding

Long plate like 3m or 2.5m thin plate is difficult to hold by people. CNC Guillotine Shear Machine with front CNC feeding will be the selection. The plate will be hold by pneumatic clamps and move over rolling-ball table. The shearing machine can be equiped with swing beam type or guillotine type. there is no back gauge. CNC controller control feeding positioning from front. rear side can be with plate collection carriage or table as customer self design. Guillotine shear's cutting angle is adjustable from 0.5~2 degree. small angle is suitable for thin plate cutting, less edge twist.

CNC Guillotine Shear 8×6000 with Front Feeding system

8mm x 6000mm with front feeding table CNC Guillotine Shear is one big machine we supplied for china military factory. The feeding table is 2.5m width, 3m feeding stroke. The shearing machine is guillotine type, cutting angle adjustable. Front feeder will hold long plate positioning automaticly. it will easy operation for people. with high chrome steel blades, it can cut stainless plate. CNC controller can be E21 or DELEM. front feeder is with ball screw and liner guide, cutting accuracy is high.

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