CNC Tandem Press Brake

CNC Tandem Hydraulic Press Brak

CNC Hydraulic Tandem Press Brake 100T

For long workpiece, we can use CNC Hydraulic Tandem Press Brake. 100T-160T-4m is used for bending length up to 8m thin plate. Two units machine can work together for long parts or separate work as single machine. It will give much convenient for customer. Each machine is electric-hydraulic synchronised design. Both sides have Germany made optic scaler to measure Y1, Y2 position and feed back to controller. DELEM CNC controller will control proportion valve to control left and right cylinder move. Tandem press brakes have master and slave controller. Master controller will compare two machines Y1,Y2,Y3,Y4 to make rams move at same time.

CNC Tandem Bending Brake 250T

Some customer would like big single machine for long workpiece. While we would like suggest CNC Tandem Bending Brake. Tandem means two or more machines work together for long workpiece. With synchronised CNC controllers, the bending will be at same time. Rams will start bending from mute point together. If customer will make short workpiece, each CNC hydraulic press brake can work individully. machine back gauge can be controlled separately, driven by servo motor. High rigidity machine body, viberation stress released, one setup CNC machined will make machine has high accuracy and long working life.

Sheet Metal CNC Tandem Hydraulic Press 400T

We have 4m, 6m single length for Sheet Metal CNC Tandem Hydraulic Press brake machine 400T. The machine will be suitable for light pole, high mast pole profile forming. Max mild steel thickness can be up to 10mm for 6m x 2 tandem press brake. WE shall use CNC controlled tandem machine for long workpiece bending. It will help customers work high effeciently. while some buyer would like mechanic torsion bar structure machine as tandem. We don't suggest. There is no feedback from each Y1, Y2, there is no possible to make two machine work exactly at same time. so with different working condition, operators will need to adjust machine timely. it will make job slow down and will affect product quality.

Light Pole Tandem Press brake machine 600T

For high mast pole, thickness up to 18mm mild steel plate, we can use Light pole Tandem Press brake machine 600T. We already exported to Algeria, Philipines, India, America, Malasia and other countries. CNC tandem sheet bending press is very common in china market. China market most use Q235 for pole forming. while some other countries like USA, are using Q345 structure steel for pole. CNC electric-hydraulic synchro machine can work together for long workpiece, also can separately for shorter job. It is the best solution for long parts fabrication factories. All important components are with world famous brand.

Tandem CNC Hydraulic bending machine 800T

Over 800T Tandem CNC Hydraulic bending machine is mostly for china market. Because machine size is bigger. Even we can disassemble it in parts during shipment. Our company started big size CNC hydraulic press brake production from 1990s. We exported max 1600T CNC brake press. capaicty like 800T, 1000T tandem press brake exported to Argentina, Bahrain, Peru, Chile, Iran and so on. We have much experience on machine design and production, shipment. For such big machines, all customers have special job to be worked with. so Please tell use your target job in detail,not only sheet thickness and length. we will give you full technical support.

CNC Tandem Hydraulic Press Brake 1000T

Customers can use CNC Tandem Hydraulic Press Brake 1000T for high mast pole, power transmistion pole, electric tower, shipyard. We already exported 12m, 13m tandem bending press to Chile, Argentina, Bahrain, India and many other countries. The machine is big, not only need design and production experience. WE can supply full technical support, including installation, training, 24hrs online service. so when we looking for buying such big machine, we'd better check manufacture ability also. Machine's hydraulic system is from BOSCH rexroth, pump is NACHI japan, CNC controller is Delem Holland, optic scalers are from germany.

Steel Plate Tandem Press Brake CNC 1600T

The big machine like Steel Plate Tandem Press Brake CNC 1600T, cost is higher. While high level product's competive is lower. Product profit can be better. There are many our customers are using tandem brake for building metal column, seaport crane beam, bridge U channel forming or high mast, electric tower production. for differentn produt, the profile size can be different. so we need detail target production info to design bending press. such big size CNC press brake is more customized design. machine is equiped world famous brand parts, like BOSCH rexroth hydraulic system, NACHI pump, DELEM controller, germany optic scaler and so on.

Hydraulic Tandem Sheet Bender CNC 3000T

The machine is really big Hydraulic Tandem Sheet Bender CNC 3000T machine's wall thickness is 200mm. Machine weight is up to 700T, Huge and heavy duty machine. It is our biggest machine produced for one chinese big company, who is producing sea port crane parts. Max bending thickness is up to 50mm. to make so big thickness tube, we shall us prebending machine to form the plate edge before press brake bending. then we shall use submerged welding machine to do both side welding to finish the tube. the machine has 4 units 55kw electric main motors for each press brake hydraulic system. machine body and bending system is really powerful.