CNC Hydraulic Tandem Press Brake 100T


  • CNC Hydraulic Tandem Hydraulic Brake are controlled by CNC synchronizing system. All machines Y1, Y2 value will transfer from slave CNC to master CNC. Master CNC will calculate and send command to control each unit hydraulic press brake;
  • Normally each unit of tandem Hydraulic press brake has same technical parameters. So that we can synchronize the machines easily. While we also can make different parameters machines to be tandem machine by CNC controller.
  • Each unit of tandem CNC hydraulic press brake is Electric – hydraulic synchronized design; European CNC controller, with full CNC controlled Y1, Y2, calculation based on material and tool library;
  • Automatic bending procedure optimization by CNC controller, engineer can adjust the steps according to actual design;
  • Y1, Y2 is measured with high accurate optic scalars. Measured signal will be feedback to CNC controller timely.
  • European proportion valves will control left and right cylinder’s movement according to controller’s command.
  • For CNC tandem hydraulic press brake, we can apply multi axes back gauge. All the machines can work together to finish all work pieces. Also can separately work as single machine.
  • Ram guide is with low friction Polymer wear-resistant materials, which will give long accurate working life;
  • Working table is with automatic crowning system. Hydraulic type is for up to 200T-3.2m machines, while wedge structure is applied for bigger machines.
  • For bending force up to 200T CNC hydraulic tandem press brake, quick clamp for punch is applied. It will be easy handle the up tooling. The clamp has wedge crowning adjust system.
  • Low noise and high efficient gear pump is standard configuration;
  • Ram is with Anti-tilt device for machine protection;
  • CNC Hydraulic Tandem Press Brake Oil tank is with level and temperature indicator.

100t cnc tandem hydraulic press brake machine


Item 2-WE67K-100Ton×3200mm
Nominal force(KN) 2×1000
Worktable length(mm) 2×3200
Distance between holes(mm) 2650
Depth of throat(mm) 320
Ram Stroke (mm) 200
Max open height(mm) 210
Ram Speed (mm/s) Fast Down 120
Working 10
Return 110
Volume of Oil Tank (L) 380L
Main power(Kw) 7,5
Weight(KGs) 2×8,800
Overall dimension(L×W×H mm) 7000×2000×2700