CNC sheet bending machine
  1. First, We equipped our CNC Hydraulic Press Brake machine with DELEM CNC system made in Holland and other key parts such as linear scale, hydraulic valve, servo motor are all importing products.
  1. There are two linear scales installed on “C” plates on both sides. We fix it on worktable to eliminate the effect ion of deflection during working. The linear scale will inspect the both end positions of ram (Y1, Y2) and send signal. After amplified by CNC amplifier, the signal will be fed back to computer. Then the computer will control the volume of oil, which is going to enter into cylinders. So the parallelism of ram and worktable could be controlled under ±0.01mm.
  2. DELEM system has automatic testing and self-diagnosis functions. Also, Programming includes sizes of plate to bend, dimensions of work piece and choosing tools. Then CNC system could calculate the bending force and position of back gauge and ram automatically. Also the ram penetrating and pressing time relay could be calculated.
  3. Good quality electro-hydraulic proportional valve can ensure the synchronization of both cylinders as well good capacity to deal eccentric load.
  4. CNC system will control the stroke of CNC hydraulic press brake machine ram and back gauge all with good precision.
  5. Main sliding parts such as cylinders, piston rod, guide way, are all with wear-resistance treatment.
  6. Back gauge adopts rolling ball screw and rolling guide way, so the repeat positioning precision of X axis could reach ±0.1mm.
  7. Full machine is with safety guard and interlocker to protect the operator from injured.

advantage CNC hydraulic press brake