octagonal pole small throat depth press brake bending

Road construction and related equipments are infrastructure. many companies want to get into this industry. while some customers has experience on pole production, but some has no much knowledge of it. so many questions shall be clear before we get into light pole production industry.  For example: WHAT IS TARGET POLE? street lighting? High mast […]

Light pole production

Light Pole: We are talking about poles along the street/ road for lighting. It is different from poles for art garden poles or high mast for public square.  With city expansion and road extended to everywhere, light pole industry is developing world widely and growing still. The characters of the pole is MASS PRODUCTION. so […]

CNC sheet bending machine

First, We equipped our CNC Hydraulic Press Brake machine with DELEM CNC system made in Holland and other key parts such as linear scale, hydraulic valve, servo motor are all importing products. There are two linear scales installed on “C” plates on both sides. We fix it on worktable to eliminate the effect ion of deflection […]

difference nc-cnc hydraulic press brake

Normally Hydraulic press brake two cylinders synchronization method includes ELECTRIC-HYDRAULIC synchro and MECHANIC synchro. In General we call electric-hydraulic synchro press brake, CNC press brake. According to Chinese GB/T standard, model number is WE67K. WE67K model CNC hydraulic press brake works with two optic scalers to measure Y1, Y2 position during bending. CNC controller will […]

Press Brake Bending Force calculation

Hydraulic press brake bending capacity is max bending force can be applied for sheet bending. Normally when we select press brake, we shall use higher capacity than our max force needed. It will be good for machine life and future machine capacity attenuation with parts wear. So first we shall know how much bending force will […]