Conventional Hydraulic Press Brake

Conventional Hydraulic Press Brake

Mini Hydraulic Press Brake 30T

Min Hydraulic Press Brake 30T max bending length is up to 1300mm. The machine capacity is suitable for thin or soft metal plate. This machine is good for simple working piece bending. Without CNC controller make the machine has good ecconomic feature. Machine main structure is develped more than 15 years. Bending angle is according tooling and ram vertical position. For WC67Y model, we are using AC motorised X, Y with fine manual adjustment. motorised back gauge is with round guide and T-screw. machine frame rigidity is very good.

40T Hydraulic Brake Press WC67Y

40T Hydraulic Brake Press WC67Y is one conventional sheet metal bending machine. All machine big parts are made from high grade steel plate. Welded structure is stress eliminated, machined completely on CNC machining center. JINQIU has 47 years history, start from making conventional type hydraulic press brake. JINQIU brand was king at 1990's in china. Even with worldwide ecconomic crisis. Machine exporing is harder. while JINQIU brand is accepted by wide customer group, various industry. We have hydraulic press brake, CNC press brake, tandem press brake and sheet shearing machine

Sheet Metal Bending Brake 63T

Torsion bar mechanical synchronised Sheet Metal Bending Brake 63T is common size. Normally 40-160T press brake is called small-middle size hydraulic press brake. The machines are with C-frame structure. All frame parts (wall, working table, rame) are made from high grade steel plate. The welded body structure is stress eliminated, completely machined on CNC machining center. All dimension, install position accuracy is guarranted. Full our seried press brake will be equiped with standard tooling. If customer has special requirements, we can check and design customized tooling system.

Sheet Metal Hydraulic Bender 80T

For small quantity production, we can use conventional type Sheet Metal Hydraulic Bender 80T. This type press brake is motorised X (back gauge) and Y ( bending angle or depth), with manual fine adjustment. Machine structure parts like wall, working table, ram are made from high grade steel plate. High rigidity and accuracy is charator over long working life. The machine electric and hydraulic system are from famous brand. Hydraulic cylinder seals are NOK or SKF. Torsion bar mechanic synchronizing system make bending angle less difference from left to right side.

Hydraulic Press Brake Machine 100T

Hydraulic Press Brake machine 100T is very common capacity for sheet metal bending. The machine is conventional type, C-frame structure, Torsion bar synchro, motorised Y, X and with manual fine adjustment. E10 digital readout is an option. We also can use E21, DA41 special press brake controller to make machine work programable. NC press brake can make operation eassier, faster, lower human error, more accurate. We can help customer to design special tooling. We also can supply standard straight, goose neck, sharp angle punch, multi-V, single-V, Quick exchange bottom die.

Conventional Hydraulic Press Brake 160T

Torsion bar Conventional Hydraulic Press Brake 160T is more common machine in structure steel fabrication plant. From china to other countries, almost it is standard config. It is suitable for thickness up to 6mm. If bending radius is not strictly required, we can use bigger V opening die to bend some bigger thickness plate. If budget is enough, we suggest machine with NC or CNC controller. so that we can make program to make machine work automatic. we can make sheet bending more easy and effecient. If production quantity is not big, Conventional type is also good.

Hydraulic Sheet Metal Bender 200T

Middle size Hydraulic sheet Metal Bender WC67Y-200T, hydraulic press brake is with C-frame structure, big diameter solid torsion bar,wall frame, working table, ram and electric-hydraulic control system. We can make customized design according to workpiece. Bigger throat depth, open height can make machine more convenient for 8mm steel plate profile bending. we also can equip machine with special press brake NC and CNC controller, E21 or DA41. NC press brake will record each workpiece bending procedure paramters. operate just need to load the program and run. job will be easier and less human errors.

Hydraulic Folding Press Brake 250T

Torsion bar Hydraulic Folding Press Brake 250T is one conventional type sheet metal bending press. We are using NOK or SKF main seals, Shneider main electric components, Shanghai No.1 hydraulic valve company valves, Highwin liner guide and screw.from feed back from our customers, we know that Longer working life, less repairment of this mahine prove the design is success. It is advantage of the machine. It is suitable about 10mm mild steel, stainless steel plate bending.

Hydraulic Bending Brake Machine 300T

Our conventional type Hydraulic Bending Brake Machine 300T is with high rigidity welded main body, big working table with both side T-slot, working table with wedge crowning compensation system to avoid workpiece curve. Ram is with High polymer guide plate to make machine long working life and bending accuracy. Main electric components are world famous brands, easy for customer to find replacement. Hydrauic valves are from shanghai No.1 valve company, pump is Chengjie shanghai made. complete control system is stable and easy to maintanence. Machine's electric, hydraulic, mechanic system have internal protection.

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