NC Hydraulic Press Brake

NC Hydraulic Press Brake

40T Small Hydraulic Brake Press NC

40T is also Small Hydraulic Brake Press with NC control, torsion bar type, 2-axis computer controlled. Wall frame, working table, ram are big parts, made of high quality steel plate. The machine is C-frame structure press brake. X and Y axis are AC inverter motor drive. Back gauge is with ball screw, linner guide. positioning accuracy is high. Mechanic synchro structure is simple and stable, with high rigidity, easy to operate and maintanence. All wear parts are in our stock. You can contact us 24hrs for machine service. We wil reply you and help you to give solution in 72hrs.

Hydraulic Mini CNC Press Brake Machine 30T

Our Hydraulic press brake is called C-frame type press brake. Even for Mini CNC Press Brake machine 30T, we are using same structure. The advantage is high rigidity, stable frame, bending accuracy high. Machine structure include two side wall, working table, rame, oil tank and hydraulic-electric control system. We can bend full length parts up to machine throat depth width. or we can bend shorter with the column distance of bender. for this capacity machine, normally we can use it for thin plate, copper or Al plate bending, length up to 1300mm. the controller can be E21, two axis control.

NC Metal Bending Machine For Sale 63T

We have stock 63T NC Metal sheet Bending Machine For Sale. Customers can tell us additional requirements on job. Our technical engineer will design related punch/bottom die tooling according workpiece. Our standard machine is with E21 NC controller, with AC inverter motor. Operator can make program on controller. Machine is easy to operate and maintanence. We also can supply DELEM DA41 controller, same 2-axis control. While DA41 will work with Servo Motor drive X, Y. two axis work at same time. Long pitch and high accurate ball screw will make machine with higher working speed.

Metal Plate Hydraulic Bender 80T

C-frame structure press brake, Metal Plate Hydraulic Bender 80T is WC67K model according to china GB standard. The machine is accurate mechanical synchronised, or called torsion bar synchro press brake. Machine from design is same to conventional hydraulic bending press, but with X, Y computer control. Two axis is with AC inverter motor. Back gauge is with high quality ball screw, linner guide. Positioning accuracy is 0.1mm. Back gauge stroke can be longer than 600mm according to customer requirements. the throat depth is also can be deeper if need. Tooling is important for hydraulic plate bender, WE can design accordingly.

NC Hydraulic Press Brake Machine 100T

For sheet metal fabrication shop, metal protection door factory, elevator production company, NC Hydraulic Press Brake 100T is very common machine. With NC controller, operator can easily get high quality, accurate dimension sheet parts. There are two optional controller, E21 or DA41. E21 will work with AC inverter motor, ball screw, two axis controller. while DA41 will be with servo motor, long pitch taiwan ball screw, liner guide. Working speed will be higher with DA41. X axis is bending width control. Y axis is bending angle control. Bending angle is according to press brake tooling.

Hydraulic Bending Brake 125T

For about 5mm mild steel or high strength and thinner plate, Hydraulic Bending Brake 125T will be better selection than 100T machine. Normally when we select press brake (or other equipments), we'd better keep enough capacity margin. For example, if machine max capacity is 4mm x 3m sheet bending. We'd better don't keep working on this limit range. or we shall buy bigger capacity. To make machine work longer time, we shall protect machine from overload and routine machine maintanence, like lubrication, select proper hydraulic system pressure according to bending force, select correct bottom die V opening width and so on.

NC Hydraulic Press Brake 160T

We can bend up to 6mm x 3m mild steel plate over WC67Y, NC Hydraulic Press Brake 160T machine. The machine structure had been examed by long history. High rigidity, long working life is good fame of the machine. Our most customers are steel structure company, who is using it on structure steel parts (Q345 grade). We have various bending length machine, 3.2, 4 or 6m. WC67Y-160T-6M is not suitable for big thickness sheet bending. Normally it is for metal roof, C or Z purlin parts bending. Compputer control system can be E21, with AC inverter motor or DA41 with servo motor.

NC Hydraulic Plate Bender 200T

We have various bending length for Hydraulic Plate Bender 200T, 3.2m to 6m long. Short hydraulic press brake can work with about 8-10mm mild steel plate, while 6m machine can work with 4mm plate. High strength, Stainless steel plate will need higher bending force. Normally we caculated with yield strength 450Mpa steel plate. for other material, we shall select higher capacity. Normally we use 1.5 times of the caculated mild steel bending force. You can check followed bending force caculation formula to check. We shall reduce hydraulic system pressure if work with thin plate to make machine under lower load.

CNC Hydraulic Sheet Metal Brake 250T

Up to 12mm mild steel plate or thinner structure steel will need CNC Hydraulic Sheet Metal Brake 250T. The machine is C-frame design, high grade torsion bar - mechanical synchronised structure. Wall frame, working table and ram are made from high quality steel plate. Welded main structure is stress elimirated, completely machined on machining center. All related dimension and install accurate is guarranted. Welded structure back gauge has strong frame, which will make long machine life and stable accuracy. Press brake can be equped with punch, multi-V bottom die. All the design can be customized according to actual job.

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