CNC Hydraulic Sheet Metal Brake 250T


  • The CNC Hydraulic Sheet Metal Brake machine is C-Frame type Press Brake. High quality plate welded structure; with vibration stress released will make machine high rigidity and long working life.
  • NC controller can be with AC inverter motors or servo motors to control back gauge and bending depth / bending angle;
  • Back gauge is with Ball screw and liner guide; positioning and repeat accuracy is higher;
  • The CNC Hydraulic Sheet Metal Brake ram is down stroke type; two cylinders transfer bending force;
  • The bending beam / ram is with High wear-resistant polymer guide. It will make ram move smooth and accurate bending;
  • Two side cylinders are hydraulic-mechanic synchronized. Solid torsion bar will make CNC Hydraulic Press Brake machine bending under good parallelism and bending accurate;
  • Hydraulic cylinder has built-in mechanic stop. Two cylinders mechanic stops are synchronized by synchro-shaft and gear system. It will make cylinders work at same bending depth;
  • Our engineer designed CNC Hydraulic Sheet Metal Brake machine open height, throat depth and cylinder stroke according to general sheet metal fabrication. Which is our standard machine parameters listed. We also can make according to customer special requirements;
  • At side of CNC Hydraulic Sheet Metal Brake machine, remote hydraulic pressure gauge and adjust handle will make machine bending pressure adjust more easy.
  • Electric and hydraulic systems are with internal overload protection;
  • At side of machine, stroke adjustment structure will control ram top stop position, approaching to working speed change point. Ram working will have fast down, working, holding and return.
  • Hydraulic system is with low noise accurate gear pump, compact hydraulic valve block. Which will make CNC Hydraulic Press Brake machine easy hydraulic maintenance.NC press brake machine hydraulic detail 250t
  • Movable foot switch with protection and emergency stop;
  • Welded back gauge beam has high rigidity and accuracy; we also can supply nice looking aluminum back gauge; two adjustable stop fingers;
  • Standard machine is with two front support arms; The arms are mounted in T-slot of working table, vertical-horizontal adjustable. The arms are with ruler and stopper for simple bending option;
  • Standard hydraulic punch and multi-V bottom die is equipped;
  • CNC Hydraulic Sheet Metal Brake Oil tank is with level and temperature indicator.
  1. Estimate Bending Force Calculation or Max Bending Thickness for CNC Hydraulic Sheet Metal Brake

    Estimate bending force calculation formula is 


    • P:  Estimate Hydraulic press Brake Bending force (T)
    • S:   Plate thickness (mm)
    • L:   Bending Length (m)
    • V:   Hydraulic Press Brake Bottom die V opening width (mm)


    1. The CNC Hydraulic Sheet Metal Brake bending force calculation is based on mild steel (tensile strength = 450Mpa). For other material, we shall time constant K (related with material tensile strength, hardness, elongation). for example, Stainless plate characters can be different according to plate number. we can set K=1.5.
    2. Normally V (CNC Hydraulic Sheet Metal Brake bottom die V opening width) can be 6 ~12 times plate thickness. for thin plate we select smaller V opening. while for bigger and Harder plate, we shall set bigger V opening. Bigger V will introduce bigger bending radius.
  2. CNC Hydraulic Sheet Metal Brake Shipment, Unloading, Installation Related Issues
    • The CNC press Brake will be loaded over steel rack. During loading / unloading, we shall pull or push only over the steel rack to avoid deforming on machine body frame.
    • On Machine wall frame, there are lifting hook. We shall use enough length steel wire rope or chain to lift the machine by the hook. We shall be careful to avoid machine drop down;
    • For bigger capacity CNC Hydraulic Sheet Metal Brake, the machine height can be close to container door top. when we pull machine out, we shall be careful to avoid damage on machine top parts. To protect the parts, we may remove hydraulic valve, motor or other components on top. Please reinstall the parts according our guide.
    • The CNC press brake will be fixed by chain or steel wires inside the container, covered with plastic film to avoid moisture during ocean shipment.
    • When receive the CNC press Brake, Customer shall remove the steel rack under the machine, prepare foundation for the machine. Good fix and leveling will make machine work longer and accurate.


Item WC67K-250Ton×3200mm WC67K-250Ton×4000mm WC67K-250Ton×5000mm WC67K-250Ton×6000mm
Nominal force(KN) 2500 2500 2,500 2500
Worktable length(mm) 3200 4000 5000 6000
Distance between holes(mm) 2650 3100 4000 4800
Depth of throat(mm) 400 400 400.0 400
Ram Stroke (mm) 200 200 200.0 200
Max open height(mm) 480 480 480.0 480
Ram Speed (mm/s) Fast Down 70 70 70.0 70
Working 8 8 8.0 8
Return 80 80 80.0 80
Volume of Oil Tank (L) 540L 640L 850L 850L
Main power(Kw) 18.5 18.5 18.50 18.5
Weight(KGs) 16,000 18,000 21,000 24,800
Overall dimension(L×W×H mm) 3550×2500×3000 4400×2500×3000 5400×2500×3900 6400×2550×4500