Press Brake Machine and Hydraulic Shearing Machine Related Questions:

  1. Why we shall use CNC Tandem Press Brake for long workpiece?

    For light pole, high mast pole and electric tower, the workpiece length can be 10~16m long. We can make single press brake to make, but to get enough rigidity for ram and working table, we will have to make machine very high. It will be problem for transportation and customer workshop construction. Multi-machine hydraulic CNC tandem press brake machine is the only solution. We can combine enough units machine to realise the bending length requirements. CNC synchronise system will guarantee bending performance. 

  2. What’s the meaning of Conventional, NC and CNC Press brake machine?

    All these machines are hydraulic type, powerful and safety design. 

    Conventional Press brake machine: Torsion bar structure synchronisation, motorised and manual fine adjustment for Bending depth, and bending width. 

    NC Press brake machine: Torsion bar structure synchronisation, NC programable controlled bending depth and bending width,  back gauge is with Ball screw and liner guide. 

    CNC Press Brake machine: Electric-hydraulic synchronised, CNC through closed loop (feedback) to control hydraulic system to make two cylinders movement. Bending accuracy is higher. CNC controller has extension to control more axes to realise more functions of machine, can work with robot arm. 

  3. What info shall be told us for Hydraulic Press Brake machine selection?

    Bending Capacity is main character of machine. If don’t know, you can tell us your workpiece material, bending width, Plate thickness. Our engineer will calculate accordingly. 

    Profile dimension or part drawing (if available) shall be supplied to us. our engineer will need it to check machine open height, throat depth. We will also need the profile drawing design tooling and bending process if it is special. 

    Control type can be conventional, NC or CNC. We can quote you related price for your selection. 

  1. Difference between Press Brake, Sheet bending machine, Folder

    Press Brake is also called Sheet Bending Machine, Sheet Bender, Sheet Folding machine. Preformed up/down Tooling is installed between ram and working table. Ram or Working table vertical move to make sheet forming between the tooling. Press Brake is high accurate sheet forming machine.

    Sheet Bending machine is general name press brake, rolling machine, roll-forming machine and other various forming method machines. 

    Sheet Folder / folding machine is normally for thin plate/manual type

  2. Why We shall Select Hydraulic type Press Brake machine?

    Mechanical type Press Brake is with flywheel as energy source. With time going, Stability can be issue for this type. Hydraulic type press brake is with two vertical cylinders to directly make ram move. Hydraulic system is more Powerful (Bending force can be thousands ton) , lower noise and lower engineer consumption. 

  3. Advantage of C-Frame type Hydraulic type Press Brakes

    From side view, we can see the Press Brake machine wall frame is like C. Ram and working table installed on top and bottom edge of “C”. The C depth is called throat depth. Narrow workpiece can be take out from front of machine. while for deeper, we will have to take it out from side “throat”. The C-frame wall is designed with special software. which will guarantee bending accuracy and deforming within standard requirements. 


CNC Hydraulic Press Brake and Plate Hydraulic shearing machine are common machine for sheet metal fabrication. With long term developing, JINQIU already marked self characters on machine design and production. We have complete products line, Developed machine design,  improved machine processing, thoughtful customer service. 

  1. 47 Years History of Hydraulic Press Brake / Sheet Shearing Machine Design Production

    JINQIU was established in 1969 as national enterprise, changed into private company in 1990’s. From 1979, we started to produce hydraulic press brake and shearing machine. We were one of earliest manufacture in china,  key sheet metal sheet equipments supplier. JINQIU brand is famous brand in china. 

  2. 24 Hours Service Call, Over Sea Big Bending Machine Installation and Training

    We started machine exporting from 1990’s. “SERVICE is also part of our product.” We knew and take it as our duty before sales. So our service phone is 24hrs on line. We will reply customers complain and requirements in 24hrs. All machine trouble shooting shall be given in 2 days. Within warranty, parts shall be delivered by courier in 3 days.  Technical guide file shall be emailed at same time. 

  3. Full Technology and Complete Products Lines of Press Brake / Hydraulic Shear

     Now we have finished machines design more than 170, various capacity and style. CNC/NC/ Conventional Hydraulic Press Brakes capacity can be from 30T-3000T, length can be 1.3m – 18m (tandem). Hydraulic shearing machine can be 4mm~32mm thickness, length can be max up to 8m per single machine. With long term developing, JINQIU already developed and absorbed latest technology of sheet metal bending machine and hydraulic guillotines.

  4. ISO9001 Quality System, CE, SGS Audited, China High-Tech Enterprise

    Company’s all production related processing are under ISO9001 system control. All products and parts are with full record and can be traced. We passed European CE certificate for CNC Hydraulic Press Brake and Hydraulic shear. All our company info is audited by SGS as made-in-china Golden supplier. 1997, QC12K NC front feeding shear got “National New Product”, 1998/2003/2005/2007, “Jiangsu High-Tech Enterprise”