Hydraulic Shearing Machine

Hydraulic shearing machine

Front Feeding Guillotine Shear 6×2500 CNC

For thin and big size plate cutting, Hydraulic Front Feeding Guillotine Shear is better selection. Front working table is with pneumatic or hydraulic clamps to hold plate. CNC controller will control feeding position. CNC controller can control programable front gauge or blades gap. normally feeding table can be 2m width, 2.5m or 3m long feeding stroke. The machine will have no back gauge, we can optional supplier rear side plate collection table or carriage. The shearing machine can be guillotine type or swing beam type.

CNC Sheet Metal Guillotine Shear 12×6000

CNC Sheet Metal Guillotine Shear cutting capacity is up to 12mm mild steel, which yield strength up to 450Mpa. With high chrome blades, we can cut stainless, Hardox or weldox plate.CNC controller will make plate shearing easier. The shear is equiped with japan pump, E21 CNC controller (two axis control for blades gap and back gauge), high chrome 6CRW2SI blades. machine is heavy duty, with big size for normal container shipment. we will pack it into wood case. cut beam will be disassembled during shipment for load limit. we will arrange engineer to help you to install the machine and training.

QC11k Plate Shear Cutting Machine 16×6000 Guillotine

CNC controled Qc11k Plate Shear Cutting Machine is designed for 16x6000 plate cutting. For mild steel cutting thickness is up to 16mm, stainless plate can be 12mm. There are 4 cutting edges for each up and down blades. Back gauge stroke is up to 1000mm. cutting angle is adjustable from 0.5 to 2.5 degree. CNC controller will control back gauge, blades gap, cutting angle. It will make plate shearing more easier and safe. front protection is fences. rear protection can be laser optional.

Hydraulic Swing Beam Shear Machine 6mm Sheet Cutting

For plate shearing, Hydraulic Swing Beam Shear is a good selection. The cutting beam is welded structure, have high rigidity. Cutting angle is fixed. Electric and hydraulic system is easy for maintanence. Cutting accuracy is good for thin and thicker plate. Optional CNC controller is avialable. which will make machine positioning more accurate and easy. shearing blades gap can be adjusted according to plate thickness.the principle is 0.1*Thickness. shearing machine is with light for working area. cutting number can be counted by the controller.

Conventional Hydraulic Shear 660 Qc12y

Steel plate cutting can be with Conventional Hydraulic Shear, easy operate and maintanence. Swing beam shear's cutting angle is fixed. Blades gap can be adjusted at side of machine. Hydraulic cutting pressure is self adjusted according to sheet thickness and hardness. high grade welded machine body is with viberation stress removed. one setup machining will have machine has accurate cutting and long working life. machine can be equiped with CNC controller for back gauge and blades gap control. It will increase productivity.

Hydraulic Sheet Metal Shearing Machine 8mm

for plate cutting, we can use plasma or torch, but Hydraulic Sheet Metal Shearing Machine is better selection. The cutting edge will be with less heat stress and smooth. The parts can be directly used for product. Swing beam shear and guillotine shear have same cutting performance. while SWB shear's cutting angle is fixed, easy for electric and hydraulic maintanence. standard machine is with 6GrW2Si cutting blades. high chrome blades are optional. CNC controller can be E21S or DELEM series, can be with Ac inverter motor or servo motor for easy operation and good positioning.

Steel Plate Shearing Machine 12mm swing beam type

JINQIU made swing beam Steel Plate Shearing Machine has high rigidity body and cutting beam. Cutting accuracy and back gauge positioning is good. With fixed cutting angle, operation and maintanence is simple, lower machine repairing rate. Machine can be with stainless blades with high chrome. It can cut mild steel, stainless plate or rear-resistance plate. customer can ready english manual to start machine by self. we also can supply CNC controller as option. special throat depth, back gauge longer stroke is avialible options.

Hydraulic Sheet Metal Shear 16mm swing beam type

We have stock Hydraulic Sheet Metal Shear. Anytime you can contact us for machine technical consult or trouble shooting. Swing beam shear's cutting angle is fixed, easy for operation and maintanence. We will ship machine completely with foundation archors, spare parts, control pannel and english manual. our shearing machine had been exported to worldwidely. You are welcome to visit our company or contact us to check our customer's machine condition. CNC controller, high chrome shear blades, special throat depth, long back gauge stroke are options avialible.

Hydraulic Plate Cutter 20mm Guillotine Shear

for 20mm plate cutting, we suggest guillotine type Hydraulic Plate Cutter. We have machine cutting width 2.5, 3.2 max up to 6m long. Guillotine shearing machine's cutting angle is adjustable according to plate thickness. Bigger thickness shall be with bigger cutting angle. CNC controller can control back gauge, blades gap and cutting anlge. It will make control easier. Guillotine shear's blades have 4 cutting edges for both up and down sets. High chrome shear blades is suitable for harder plate like stainless, hardox. working table is with rolling bar for heavy plate loading. series connected hydraulic cylinders will give machine powerful cutting force.

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