Conventional Hydraulic Shear Qc12y-6×6000


    • High quality plate welded structure will provide Conventional Hydraulic Shear machine with high rigidity and shearing accuracy;
    • Triangle stable welded top shearing beam swing up down around self-aligning bearing;
    • NC control system can program on back gauge;
    • Hydraulic Shear is with T screw. NC Back gauge is equipped with high accuracy ball screw
    • Swing-up back gauge system for shearing longer pieces than maximum back gauge range
    • Back gauge has retract function
    • The hydraulic system includes valve block, lower noise and high efficient gear pump, left/right hydraulic cylinders.
    • With shearing plate hydraulic hold down system
    • Electric and hydraulic system overload protection
    • the Hydraulic Shear machine blades is made from special alloy material with proper heat treatment; two cutting edges one top blades; four cutting edges on down blades6x6m hydraulic swing beam shear
    • Movable foot switch control plate shearing, with emergency stop
    • Front support arms are with ruller, T-slot and flip-stop
    • Working table of Conventional Hydraulic Shear is with ball or roller transfers;
    • Shadow line facility with fluorescent lighting
    • Front finger protection, rear protection fence and side throat guards
    • Conventional Hydraulic Shear Oil tank is with level and temperature indicator.
    Item QC12Y-6X6000
    Max shearing thickness (mm) 6
    Shearing length(mm) 6000
    Plate material strength(Mpa) 450
    Shearing Angle(degree) 1.5
    Hold down cylinder number 25
    Shearing times per min( /min) 7
    Back gauge stroke (mm) 20-1000
    Volume of Oil Tank (L) 570
    Main power(Kw) 18.5
    Weight(KGs) 15,500
    Overall dimension(L×W×H mm) 4200x2300x2220