Steel Plate Shearing Machine 12mm swing beam type


  • High quality plate welded structure will provide Steel Plate Shearing Machine with high rigidity and shearing accuracy;
  • Plate Shear Machine Triangle stable welded top shearing beam swing up down around self-aligning bearing;
  • NC control system can program on Steel Plate Shearing Machine back gauge;
  • Normal Steel Plate Shearing Machine is with T screw. NC Back gauge is equipped with high accuracy ball screw
  • Swing-up back gauge system for shearing longer pieces than maximum back gauge range
  • NC Steel Plate Shear Back gauge has retract function
  • The hydraulic system includes valve block, lower noise and high efficient gear pump, left/right hydraulic cylinders.
  • With shearing plate hydraulic hold down system
  • Electric and hydraulic system overload protectionqc12y swing beam hydraulic shearing machine 12mm
  • Steel Plate Shearing Machine blades is made from special alloy material with proper heat treatment; two cutting edges one top blades; four cutting edges on down blades
  • Movable foot switch control plate shearing, with emergency stop
  • Front support arms are with ruller, T-slot and flip-stop
  • Working table is with ball or roller transfers;
  • Shadow line facility with fluorescent lighting
  • Front finger protection, rear protection fence and side throat guards
  • Steel Plate Shearing Machine Oil tank is with level and temperature indicator.
Item QC12Y-12X2500 QC12Y-12.0X3200 QC12Y-12X4000 QC12Y-12 X5000
Max shearing thickness (mm) 12 12 12.0 12
Shearing length(mm) 2500 3200 4000 5000
Plate material strength(Mpa) 450.0 450 450.0 450
Shearing Angle(degree) 2.0 2. 2.0 2
Hold down cylinder number 12 14 15 21
Shearing times per min( /min) 10 10 8 8
Back gauge stroke (mm) 20.0-600    20-600 20 – 600    20 – 600
Volume of Oil Tank (L) 247 570 570 780
Main power(Kw) 15 18.5 18.5 30
Weight(KGs) 7,750 12,000 15,500 22,500
Overall dimension(L×W×H mm) 3400×1610×1800 4100×2100×2200 4900×2300×2300 5900×2500×2400
  1. How to adjust Steel Plate Shear Machine blades gap?

    To cut metal sheet , we shall set proper up / down blades gap. The proper shear blades gap will affect on cutting force and plate cutting edge. For low elongation metal plate, we shall use smaller gap.
    Steel Plate Shearing Machine Blade 

    GAP = K * t (plate thickness)

    • Mild steel (Q235, Q345): K = 0.1
    • Stainless steel (201, 304, 316):  K = 0.06~0.08
    • AL, copper : K = 0.6
    • Weldox (700, 900, 960): K = 0.12~0.16
    • Hardox (400 ): K = 0.16~0.18


    1. After first cutting, we shall check cutting edge performance. We may need to increase or decrease to improve edge performance.
    2. For Harder plate material, we shall use high chrome and harder shear blades, like Cr12MoV, H13;
    3. For harder material cutting, we shall use higher capacity shearing machine. The cutting force can be 2 times than mild steel for SS plate, Or even more for other harder plate. We shall keep blades edge sharp during cutting.
    4. For CNC Steel Plate Shearing Machine, we can directly adjust blades gap on CNC controller. while for manual metal plate shear, we can adjust blades gap by adjust handle manually.
  2. How to adjust Steel Plate Shearing Machine cutting angle / rake angle?
    • Only Hydraulic guillotine type Steel Plate Shearing Machine’s cutting angle is adjustable. For swing beam shear, top beam shearing angle is fixed.
    • Hydraulic guillotine shear’s cylinders are connected in series. It means big cylinder down chamber is connected with small cylinder’s top chamber by hydraulic pipe or hose.  Increase or decrease oil volume can adjust small cylinder’s relative position of small cylinder. so that we can adjust shearing angle.
    • On control panel, turn the key switch to angle, push increase or decrease button to adjust shearing angle.
    • For thin plate, smaller shearing angle can reduce edge twist. For bigger thickness plate, bigger shearing angle can reduce cutting force needed.
  3. How to Exchange Steel Plate Shearing Machine blades and how to sharp blades edge?
    • For Hydraulic guillotine shear, top/down blades has 4 cutting edge. for swing beam type shear, top blades have 2 cutting edge, bottom blades have 4 edge. we can directly take off blades and change cutting edge. Before use the machine, we shall make sure that the blades are fixed and gap even. otherwise, we may damage the blades.
    • When all blades edge is not blunt. We shall take off the blades complete (top / down). Put all same set blades over surface grinder to sharp them. we must make sure same set blades thickness is equal.
    • Shearing machine’s top blades are fixed by bolts only. bottom blades are fixed over square block. We must calibrate shearing gap before working. method is different for different model machine. consult our engineer for detail.