SVG Thin Plate CNC V Grooving Machine

cnc v grooving machine

First, our SVG V grooving machine is vertical type V cutting machine, with CNC 2-axis control. At beginning,  we designed machine according requirements of decoration industry.  After V cutting, the sheet metal bending radius shall be smaller. Such required products includes show case, show room, and elevator’s sheet metal. The machine is suitable for thin mild steel, stainless steel plate and other material metal sheet.

1. Axis definition:

Z – axis, V cutting depth control; CNC control servo motor ball screw drive; high V grooving accuracy 0.03mm;

Y – axis, V slots position control; the pneumatic clamps will hold the sheet metal to move forward to program V cutting position. The back gauge is CNC controlled with servo motor and long stroke double thread ball screw drive; positioning accuracy 0.05mm;

V grooving machine axis defination

X – axis, V grooving length; complete width of plate; X-axis is with AC SEW frequency gear motor. We shall not cut half or non-complete width of plate. make sure that the cutters will remove the metal scrap continually. and The metal will not break self.

V grooving machine cutter height calibration

2. Characters:

  • The SVG V GROOVING machine  use driving element of the precision ball screw, which has high machining precision and is particularly important to the high-end products. Such structures are same to foreign equipment.
  • The machine controller is with two axes, Y-axis (back gauge to feed sheet and positioning horizontally), Z-axis (V cutter vertical position) servo control. SEW gear motor drive X-axis. After parameter input, machine can run automatically.
  • The cutter frame transmission screw adopts multi head thread structure and guide system with high precision machining. so that the power transmission is stable and reliable.
  • The tool slide way is cast iron material, wear-resistant and repairable.  Normally the service life is guaranteed for more than ten years.
  • The plate clamping system is with pneumatic, including holding feet along X-axis and back gauge clamps. so the holding force is enough and stable. The noise is obviously lower.
  • The Y-axis is with double thread ball screw. So that we can get high moving speed and accurate positioning
  • CNC controller program design is reasonable and easy to master. As long as operator input processing parameters, the equipment will automatically run and process. And there are a number of chain security measures to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.
  • We used world or domestic famous brand parts , such as CNC screen, PLC, servo motor, motor reducer, linear guide, ball screw rod and other important parts.
  • We tempered all main structure parts to eliminate residual stress treatment.  so that the equipment can guarantee the long-term processing precision.


cnc controller for v groove machine

Taiwan HUST CNC H6D controller

Z axis, servo motor
Y axis, V grooving position
with Manual /Automatic  mode



sew AC gear motor and Z servo motor for v groove machine


Germany brand SEW AC gear motor is with high cutting force for X axis.
Z axis with Delta servo motor.
Cutter frame is cast steel, stable and Wear resistance.


pneumatic press for cnc v grooving machine



Full V Grooving length is with pneumatic holding press. So that It will guarantee V cutting position accuracy and V depth accuracy. it is good both for thin and thicker plate V cutting.



spray cooling system for v groover


for metal sheet like AL, because the metal sheet is soft, during cutting, the scrape metal will stick on the cutter. and We shall apply spray cooling to avoid this problem happen. while for high speed V groove cutting, cooling also can prevent cutter.



cnc v grooving machine cutters


SVG model v grooving machine can install max 6 pcs cutters. High speed steel cutter is suitable for various material and different V angle cutting. cutter can be ground to reuse.  3 pcs alloy cutter is suitable for stainless steel plate V cutting. Each cutter has 8 cutting edges.



Main technical parameter

  1. Machining thickness of sheet :    0.6mm-4mm
  2. Machining length of sheet:      4000mm
  3. Machining width of sheet:      1250 mm
  4. V groove cutting speed:    15m/min-60m/ min
  5. Single blade cutting area:  2.25㎡
  6. Feeding speed 2m/min-0m/ min
  7. Y axis minimum setting unit:    0.01 mm
  8. Y axis minimum positioning accuracy: ±0.05 mm
  9. Z axis minimum setting unit:       0.01mm
  10. Z axis minimum positioning accuracy: ±0.03mm
  11. X axis variable frequency motor power: W=4Kw
  12. Y axis servo motor power:          W=1Kw
  13. Z axis servo motor power:          W=1Kw
  14. air source pressure:  0.4Map-0.6 Map
  15. maximum groove depth :      2.6 mm
  16. Overall size: 5600mm*2200mm*2100mm

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