High Mast Pole Assembling machine Straightening machine

This Machine is one of High mast pole machine used for assemble and straightening the pole. Big High mast pole / power transmission pole normally is welded with two or more pieces. First we shall joint the pieces together, and then do spot welding to form into pole shape on this machine. The machine is also used for adjust the roundness of pole.


No. Item Unit Value
1 Model HJZ-1000
2 Max, diameter of high mast pole mm 1000
 3 Top cylinder Working force KN 1000
4 Top cylinder Max stroke Mm 650
5 Max distance from top piston to worktable Mm 1150
6 Two-side cylinder working force KN 300X2
7 Side cylinder stroke mm 400
8 two-side cylinder up/down adjust range mm 430
9 Hydraulic system Max working pressure MPa 25
10 Height of worktable mm 305
11 Column inner distance mm 1450
12 Total motor power(two motors) kW 18.5+5.5
13 Gross weight kg 4000
14 Overall size mm 1300*1900*2400

Technical description:

  • The machine is triple-beam and working table structure, main cylinder is installed on the central of upper beam to do up and down. Two side-cylinders are installed in vertical column and it can move up and down.
  • All the actions are inching mode, which means when press corresponding button, relevant action will be made and stop after release, and cylinder on two sides can also be operated separately or simultaneously.
  • Two supporting rollers are installed in the work table’s anteroposterior position , in order to the pole go forward and backward easily.

high-mast-pole-production-gantry-welding-machine high-mast-pole-production-machine high-mast-pole-production-assembling-machine