High Mast Pole Gantry type welding Machine

high mast pole gantry type welding machine

High Mast Pole Automatic Gantry welding Machine

Model:   SHL-4000

Application: In general, It is for finally longitudinal seam welding process for high mast .


Rail distance 3000mm(or 4000mm)
Rail length 15000mm or according requirments
High mast Pole diameter 300-2000mm
High mast pole length 12000mm
Welding wire diameter 3.2-5mm
Welding speed 250-1200mm/min(bi-side driving, variable-frequency stepless speed control)

The AC driver : Telemecanique

power Main motor power:10KW

(not include weder)

Profile dimension 2830×4450×3695mm


  1. travel driving motor :YDS100-4 low speed motor 1 set
  2. welding lifting choose SCWS-08-1.1W deceleration machine 1 set
  3. flux recovery fitting 1 set, powder bucket 1 set, suction 1 piece, sucker 1×5m
  4. submerged arc welding machine 1 set
  5. power cord 3×16m㎡,60m
  6. arc guidance 1 sets(including welding gun)
  7. cable movement pulley
  8. electrical apparatus box 1 set control box 1 set


  1. Whole machine foundation drawing
  2. machine instructions (electrical appliance diagrams, line hanger drawing, V frame drawing)
  3. packing list


a、24Kg track40m

  1. Make base according to supplied information
  2. Gliding wire frame
  3. welding V frame or roller frame
  4. lubrication for deceleration machine (machine oil 20#)

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