Hydraulic CNC Press Brake Machine 320T


  • European Hydraulic CNC Press Brake Machine controller, with full CNC controlled Y1, Y2, calculation based on material and tool library;
  • Automatic bending procedure optimization by CNC controller, engineer can adjust the steps according to actual design;
  • Y1, Y2 is measured with high accurate optic scalars. Measured signal will be feedback to CNC controller timely.
  • European proportion valves will control left and right cylinder’s movement according to controller’s command.
  • Back gauge is with long pitch – precision ball screw and liner guide. Moving speed is higher; repeat accurate is higher;
  • Back gauge is driven by servomotor for X-axis. There are optional R, Z-axis.
  • Back stop fingers are with two steps, which will convenient for various part fabrication;
  • Ram guide is with low friction Polymer wear-resistant materials, which will give long accurate working life;
  • Working table is with automatic crowning system. Hydraulic type is for up to 200T-3.2m machines, while wedge structure is applied for bigger machines.
  • For bending force up to 200T, quick clamp for punch is applied. It will be easy handle the up tooling. The clamp has wedge crowning adjust system.
  • Side and rear protection fences are standard for up to 200T machine. For bigger machine, optic safety sensor will be optional.
  • Low noise and high efficient gear pump is standard configuration;
  • Ram is with Anti-tilt device for machine protection;
  • Hydraulic CNC Press Brake‘s Oil tank is with level and temperature indicator.

320t cnc hydraulic press brake machine

  1. Estimate Bending Force Calculation or Max Bending Thickness for Hydraulic CNC Press Brake

    Estimate bending force calculation formula is 


    • P:  Estimate Hydraulic press Brake Bending force (T)
    • S:   Plate thickness (mm)
    • L:   Bending Length (m)
    • V:   Hydraulic Press Brake Bottom die V opening width (mm)


    1. The Hydraulic CNC Press Brake bending force calculation is based on mild steel (tensile strength = 450Mpa). For other material, we shall time constant K (related with material tensile strength, hardness, elongation). for example, Stainless plate characters can be different according to plate number. we can set K=1.5.
    2. Normally V (Hydraulic CNC Press Brake bottom die V opening width) can be 6 ~12 times plate thickness. for thin plate we select smaller V opening. while for bigger and Harder plate, we shall set bigger V opening. Bigger V will introduce bigger bending radius.
  2. Hydraulic CNC Press Brake Shipment, Unloading, Installation Related Issues
    • The Hydraulic CNC Press Brake will be loaded over steel rack. During loading / unloading, we shall pull or push only over the steel rack to avoid deforming on machine body frame.
    • On Machine wall frame, there are lifting hook. We shall use enough length steel wire rope or chain to lift the machine by the hook. We shall be careful to avoid machine drop down;
    • For bigger capacity Hydraulic CNC Press Brake, the machine height can be close to container door top. when we pull machine out, we shall be careful to avoid damage on machine top parts. To protect the parts, we may remove hydraulic valve, motor or other components on top. Please reinstall the parts according our guide.
    • The Hydraulic CNC Press Brake will be fixed by chain or steel wires inside the container, covered with plastic film to avoid moisture during ocean shipment.
    • When receive the Hydraulic CNC Press Brake, Customer shall remove the steel rack under the machine, prepare foundation for the machine. Good fix and levelling will make machine work longer and accurate.


Item WE67K-320 ×3200mm WE67K-320 ×4000mm WE67K-320×5000mm WE67K-320 ×6000mm
Nominal force(KN) 3200 3200 3,200 3200
Worktable length(mm) 3200 4000 5000 6000
Distance between holes(mm) 2650 3100 4000 4800
Depth of throat(mm) 400 400 400.0 400
Ram Stroke (mm) 250 250 250.0 250
Max open height(mm) 520 520 520.0 520
Ram Speed (mm/s) Fast Down 70 70 70.0 70
Working 7.5 7.5 7.50 7.5
Return 75 75 75.0 75
Volume of Oil Tank (L) 600L 720L 970L 1200L
Main power(Kw) 22 22 22.0 22
Weight(KGs) 19,500 21,800 24,500 28,500
Overall dimension(L×W×H mm) 3800×2510×3300 4590×2510×3300 5550×2510×3900 6250×2560×4600


Valve block for pressure BOSCH Rexroth
Valve block for synchronization BOSCH Rexroth
Main sealers in cylinder NOK or SKF
Gear Pump BOSCH
Servo Motor YASKAWA
Main electric components Schneider