Light Pole CNC Tandem Press Brake


Light Pole CNC Tandem Press Brake is the key production equipments. lighting pole can be 9~14m long. if with single hydraulic press brake, the machine will be very long to be shipped. and machine will be very high to get enough rigidity. Tandem solution can solve the problems easily. we can use two units machine together and easily get 12m length. we also can put more machines working together to get even more working length.

the lighting pole tandem press brake is electric-hydraulic synchronised machine. all the hydraulic cylinders will be synchronised by the CNC controller. the bending performance is good. the machine will have perfect synchronise performance and no need to worry about future calibration. machine capacity can be various according to target pole length and thickness. Our engineer can design machine parameters according to pole size, like throat depth and open height.

Tandem Hydraulic Press brake Parameters

light pole tandem hydraulic press brakes
light-pole-tandem-press-brake-working light-pole-tandem-hydraulic-press-brake foundation-for-light-pole-tandem-press-brake tandem-light-pole-hydraulic-press-brake

Light Pole Tandem Press Brake Conic Pole tooling.







Light Pole Tandem Press Brake Layout