Automatic Light Pole Welding Machine


The Light pole is formed over CNC tandem press brake into octagonal or conic shape. we will have to do seam welding to finish the pole tube. The height can be 8, 10, 12, 14m. with the road construction more and more world widely. The pole dimension can be about 60mm at small end and about 200mm~340mm at the big end. This type pole quantity is the biggest required and highly competitive. So increase production speed and reduce production cost is very important. Most effective production equipments and process shall be used.

the light pole seam welding machine can automatically hold the pole from small end to big end and finish welding by submerge welding machine.

Automatic Light Pole welding Machine characters:

  • High welding speed, up to 2m/min;
  • Good welding performance;
  • Suitable for conic, octagon and Hexagon type pole welding;
  • Lower investment;
  • Easy operation;

We have three different size pole welding machine, dia up to 340mm, 450mm and 500mm.

Automatic Light pole welding machine Parameters: