Light Pole Straightening Machine


Light pole is produced by hot roll steel coil. the plate quality can be various. when the pole after seam welding, hot drop galvanisation, for sure the pole will curved into banana shape because of internal stress. to get better product or processing, we shall use straightening machine to calibration the straightness.

the Light pole straightening is a simple hydraulic press, with longer working table suitable for pole production. the support point over the working table is adjustable. operator can put the light pole over the table, stamp on foot switch to control the hydraulic press cylinder up and down to press the pole, to make pole straight. the pressing force can be 63T or 80T. The machine is just suitable for light pole. for bigger pole like high mast or electric transmission tower, the pole diameter will be too big and need higher force.

for high mast pole, normal we need to do two or more seam welding to balance the internal welding stress. the straightening machine structure will be different.

Light Pole straightening machine parameters.