Multi-function Hydraulic Ironworker – Steelworker

Main Features:

  1. Hydraulic Ironworker has two hydraulic cylinders to work separately for different stations. Dual pump(option) can make two hydraulic cylinder work at same time.
  2. Each station has guider or gauge for accurate working;
  3. Electric back gauge can trigger Automatic section cut;
  4. Two foot switches for two hydraulic cylinder control;
  5. Movable lamp can make work more easier and accurate;
  6. Punching stroke is easy to be adjusted;

Functions for Each station:

hydraulic ironwoker multi functions

Punching station:

  • hole punching(round, square, oval and other special design).
  • with press brake tooling, It also can do plate/angle steel bending. with Notching tool (corner cutting for plate, angle steel)
  • Tube notching
  • Louver Punching

Plate Shear station:

Sheet metal cutting, just like narrow hydraulic shearing machine and Angle steel corner cutting.

Profile section Cutting Station:

  • Round/square bar cutting; Angle steel cutting;
  • H-beam cutting; C-channel cutting; (Optional, need drawing to check)

hydraulic ironworker parameters

Hydraulic ironworker cutting capacity

Standard configuration:

  • 3 different size round punching tool(up/down)
  • Angle steel cutter (according follow data) Round bar/square bar cutter (according follow data)
  • Notching cutter Guider/measuring gauges for punching, shearing station
  • Automatic back gauge for section cutting (angle steel/round and square bar)
  • Movable working lamp

Hydraulic ironworker part photos


  • Special section cutter (H-beam, T-section, C-channel need profile dimension/material info to design)
  • Tube notching (need tube size, dimension to design)
  • Plate Bending (Optional hydraulic press brake Punch / multi-V die) Shutters forming tool (need drawing to design)


Punching station can be used for shutter press forming.

For angle steel bending, we can do notching to cut V, then use press brake tool to finish bending.

Hydraulic ironworker can do corner or middle notching for C-channel.

with proper punching tool, we can do round, square, oval hole punching. we also can use combined tooling to punch various thickness washers.

Profile cutting station can be exchanged with various blades for C-channel, H beam, T profile and other profile cutting.

We can design different Hydraulic ironworker tooling according to customer’s machine capacity or workpiece. Multi-hole punching can improve working speed for customer.

We can use punching station to do tube notching.

Hydraulic ironworker angel steel 90/45 degree cutting is very common requirements. If want to cut bigger or special dimension, please contact us.

angle steel corner cutting can be used for 90 degree angel steel welding.

Angel steel hole punching process over hydraulic ironworker.

Flat plate corner cutting is very common for steel cabinet fabrication. this station is very useful.

Flat plat Hydraulic shearing station.