Universal Profile Forming Machine Quick Surface Former

Universal Profile Forming Machine is one of best forming-sheet machine, which owns advantageous technology and high reliability. This kind of machine changes the traditional style of sheet-forming by manually. Reduce labor intensity and increase the productivity.

Because the whole shelf is casting construction, It has enough strength and rigidity. Also, its appearance is good looking. The main transmission takes advantage of four beams construction with gemels, so the up tool can be down with slight size feeding to increase the forming degree of working piece step by step. With changing different tools, the machine can form different figures. We shall select and use tooling according with working piece drawing.


  • The Universal Profile Forming Machine includes chassis, body, transmission mechanism, punch, feed mechanism, feed adjustment mechanism, worm mechanism and electrical system and other components.
  • The body of  chassis is a whole ductile iron casting structure. It is compact structure and high rigidity at the same time. The whole body shall be fixed over ground.
  • Power transmission system includes big fly wheel, connecting bar and rocker. the structure is some like crank structure. Then Pressing bar will transmit up/down movement to hammerhead.
  • Punch structure includes out shell, punch, bearing, rubber mat and mold holder;
  • Adjusting structure includes gear motor, screw and hinge.

surface quick forming machine