Universal Profile Forming Machine Quick Surface Former


  • The machine is mainly composed of chassis, body, transmission mechanism, punch, feed mechanism, feed adjustment mechanism, worm mechanism and electrical system and other components.
  • The body of the main bearing and the chassis is a whole ductile iron casting structure. Its compact structure and high rigidity at the same time. The whole body is fixed on the front and rear feet, it can be around the support in the foot on the fulcrum for swing up and down to adapt to different habits of the operator’s operation.
  • Transmission mechanism by the large pulley (flywheel), connecting rod and rocker components and other components, these components constitute the crank rocker mechanism. The crank is powered by the eccentricity of the center of rotation of the pulley and the hinge center of the connecting rod. The fixed hinge of the press bar (rocker) is movable up and down to accommodate the feed movement of the punch. The speed of the swing (rocker) swing can be stepless, the maximum swing speed of 400 times / min.
  • The structure of the punch consists of outer shell, punch, sliding bearing, rubber pad, pin, upper and lower mold pad and nut and other components.
  • Feeding mechanism by the worm gear, gear, feed screw, feed nut, pin, hinge seat and other components.
  • Feed adjustment mechanism by the upper limit switch, the lower limit switch, feed switch, body, sub-dial and pull the plate and other components.
  • The electrical system consists of electrical components, main motors, feed motors, limit switches and button panels and other components or components.

surface quick forming machine