Spiral Blades Cold Roll Forming Mill


  1.  The machine can continually form spiral blades  from coil strip. normally the strip material can be MS, SS;
  2.  First, high quality structure steel plate Welded structure will make sure machine working stable and long working life;
  3.  High torque hydraulic motor will give machine enough power to treat various thickness, material metal strip to form spiral blades;
  4.  World famous thrust bearings;
  5.  Heat treated forming roller has longer working life, material is 9Cr2Mo;
  6.  Hydraulic station will give high power to hydraulic motor for spiral blades cold roll forming. Separate motor pump will supply power for spiral blades adjustments.
  7.  Hydraulic centre lubrication will make machine work smoothly.
  8.  Recycle Cooling system will work from roller working to protect roller wear and tear;
  9.  Control cabinet has buttons for forming direction, cooling, adjusting hydraulic cylinder;
  10.  Hydraulic shear will be lift up over formed spiral blades, can cut blades according length requirements.