Light Pole Machines

Light pole, street pole, high mast pole production machines

Light Pole Cut to Length Machine

Light pole production process can be with hot roll coil steel plate cut to length line, CNC tandem hydraulic press brake, light pole shut-welding machine, light pole straitening machine, light pole base plate welding machine, electric door CNC cutting machine, base plate cutting forming machine. the finished pole shall be galvanised with hot drop coating process

Light Pole CNC Tandem Press Brake

Type: CNC Tandem hydraulic press brake
Suitable Pole: Conic or Octagonal type
Controller: DELEM DA52S, DA56S, DA66T
Length: 10~16m according to customert
Bending Force: 300~3000T
Front/Rear Feeding system: (Option)
Side Unloading system: (Optional)
Shipment: disassembled during shipment, packed in container

Automatic Light Pole Welding Machine

Control Type: Automatic or Semi-automatic
working type: Hydraulic
Holder rollers: 8 pcs
Light pole diameter: Max up to 350/450/500mm
Light pole length: 10~16M
Light pole type: Octagonal or conic

Light Pole Straightening Machine

Control type: Manual
Working type: Hydraulic Press
Pressing Force: 63T/80T
Length: 3~4m
Package: shipped by 20'GP or 40'GP container

Light Pole Electric Door CNC Cutting Machine

Light pole electric door cutting machine
control method: CNC (make program over computer, load it by USB to controller)
Max cutting length: 2.5m
Plasma Power: Hypertherm Powermax65
Main Motor: 1.5kw Servo
Max Pole diameter: 300mm

Light Pole Taper Plate Slitting Machine

Control type: Manual
Cutting type: Mechanic roller shear
Drive type: electric motor
cutting speed: up to 12m /min
Suitable for light pole taper plate slitting cutting

Automatic High Mast Pole Welding machine

Max Pole diameter: 1.5m/2m/2.5m
Max Length: up to 12m
Pole thickness: 5~20mm
High mast Pole: Circular/ Polygonal & Tapered (12、14 & 16 and above)
Welding Speed: 0.3 to2 M/min

High Mast Pole Gantry type welding Machine

Power pole / High mast pole normally is assembed with 2 ~4pcs plate. production procedure is spot welding to assemble into pole shape. and the Gantry Type Welding will use submerged welder to weld seam for times. for so big pole, welding seam shall penetrate completely through the plate thickness to get enough strength. and welding outlook shall be nice, because the big pole normally used for city or surbub area.

High Mast Pole Assembling machine Straightening machine

High mast Pole, power pole straightening machine can be used for pole assembling or straighten the deformed pole after welding or galvanisation. the process is to hold two pieces high mast pole plate and spot weld the pole to finish high mast pole seam welding.